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Friday, November 5, 2010

Welcome Everyone

Welcome Everyone. This website is gonna tell you about all the top notch news these days.

So with that, the first thing is that both of us, Santi & Alex, have videos on Youtube. If you want to search for us search, MagusVSLavos and AlchemistBOB. Both don't have spaces and you have to put the capitals or else it won't work. The videos are really good and you should take some time out of your life just to watch them. Also just Santi has another website and here it is,      and it's also just like this one but pure Santi  and you HAVE to put the blogspot or else it won't work just like this blog. For both Santi and Alex, all the videos and both websites you can email us to ask us for sneak peeks that are never before seen so you can see it before your friends do. The email is      . And whoever, Santi or Alex, will put our name at the bottom so you know who wrote it the post. PEACE!?!                        
                                                                                      By, Santi

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